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Moving an Ecosystem

This actually happened, way back in 2017. A Windermere agent had a client
who made an offer on what you might call a “partially remodeled home.”

The property had a ramshackle shed and an in-ground swimming pool that hadn’t been used in years. As you can imagine (although you may not want to), this pool had accumulated years of rancid sitting water, sand, cigarette butts, leaves and sludge, resulting in what you might call a less-than-fragrant ecosystem of slimy material.

The appraisal required both of these items to be addressed. So, the agent
and the buyer took a day to repair and paint the shed. The listing agent (who also happened to be a Windermere agent) jumped in literally as well, to help with the pool.

The pool got cleaned. The appraiser smiled. And the sale closed as scheduled.

It’s what you might call a Win-Win-Windermere.