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Love is Blind

(and can be expensive)

Windermere agents are like genies. They sometimes do the impossible to connect their clients with their dreams, but sometimes the process of connecting requires a modicum of respectful pushback when there is an apparent disconnect with a client.

Take the case of the Windermere agent whose buyer fell pretty hard for a particular modern home. So hard, in fact, that he decided he wanted to bypass the home inspection. “The house is practically new,” he reasoned, “what could possibly be wrong with it?”

The agent gently explained that this could be an unnecessary risk, that spending a little now could potentially save him a lot of money later. But the buyer was insistent.

So, the intrepid Windermere agent grabbed a flashlight, took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, got down on his belly and had a good look under the house and up in the attic.

After a dusty, insulation-accented investigation, he found $2,000 worth of roof damage and water leakage.

The seller paid for the damage. The client got his dream house. And the agent took a long, hot shower