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A Hero's Journey

(that started at the zoo)

Several years ago, a Windermere agent had a listing near the zoo. It wasn’t near the zoo in any romantic sense of being lush and green and full of flora and fauna. It was literally, physically, directly adjacent to an operating zoo. Which may or may not have had anything to do with the property being on the market for several weeks with literally zero interest, and virtually no showings. Thus, the clients felt it was as good a time as any to head out of town on a camping trip. A trip that would take them very close to the Canadian border.

No sooner had they driven out of cell phone range when the agent was presented with not one, but two, significantly attractive offers. Knowing that time was of the essence, he called the park ranger hoping to convince him to deliver the offers to his clients, wherever they were. But the ranger was having none of it. So, it seemed like the only option was for the agent to drive up to the border, find the ranger station and try to get the coordinates of where his clients might be camping. The ranger was only able to provide a general idea of where to find them. Still, the Windermere agent navigated his way to a resort where he rented a boat and crossed a lake and hiked from campsite to campsite until he found them, just sitting there around their campsite with their two dogs, enjoying the forest setting.

At first, the camping clients couldn’t believe or accept what they were seeing. But when they saw the offers, and accepted one, they suddenly became true believers. The Windermere agent wished them well, then set out on his trek back through the woods to the boat, across the lake and back to town, with the accepted offer in his hand. Hail the conquering hero.