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More Than an Agent

She thought it was a prank caller. Because every time the Windermere agent answered, all she could hear was a barely audible whisper on the other end of the line. The phone rang again. This time it was the voice of a much younger woman, calling to explain that her eighty-something great aunt had tried calling several times but couldn’t get through. She was calling about one of the agent’s listings. Apparently, the great aunt had left a towel too close to the stove, causing a fire that burned her house right down to the ground. At one point, she ran back into the house to retrieve her purse and suffered third-degree burns. She was still in recovery when the insurance settlement funded, but the fiercely independent octogenarian wanted to pay cash for the agent’s listing, which was just a few doors down from the home of her best friend. Since the great aunt could no longer drive, the agent picked her up, showed her the house, and they wrote an offer that was ultimately accepted.

A great aunt in a great house a few doors down from a great friend. It was all pretty great. After the sale, the agent continued to pick up her client and take her shopping or pick up her medications.

Epilogue: Seven years later, the Windermere agent received another phone call from the great niece. Her great aunt had passed away. She just wanted to call and thank her for being more than an agent to her great aunt. And for helping her buy the house. She described just how much her great aunt enjoyed her garden and walking to her friend’s house every day for coffee. In that moment, the Windermere agent thought to herself, “This career is so not about the money.”