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The Welcoming Committee

There was one particular Windermere agent who helped a young family find what amounted to their dream home, in their favorite neighborhood in the city. A neighborhood where they didn’t know anyone quite yet.

In order to help break the ice with their new neighboors a little bit, the agent organized a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” block party. With catered food trucks, drinks, and outdoor games for all the kids. The agent actually had invitations printed and then walked that entire neighborhood hand delivering them to everyone she met.

It turned out to be one of those light and effortless, almost-mythical afternoons, a few dozen neighbors dropping by to introduce themselves and share stories about raising their kids on the block, and talk about some of the more illustrious characters who had resided there.

The agent will tell anyone who asks that it was the highlight, so far, of her entire real estate career. That tells you something about her. And it tells you something about the kind of people who seem to be naturally drawn to work here.