Kristin Miller, Real Estate Broker in Bellingham, Windermere

Kristin Miller

Real Estate Broker


Bellingham- Bakerview

Windermere Real Estate/Whatcom, Inc.
515 W Bakerview Rd.

Bellingham, WA 98226

About Me

Born and raised in Southern California, my family moved to Washington in the Seattle area when I was just thirteen. I think as we can all remember that age, I was furious with my parents for moving me away from both my friends and the warm and predictable weather that California is known for! It wasn't too long after that I began to fall in love with not only the Washington seasons, but the great outdoors and lush greenery throughout our state. 

In 1992, having a 2 year old son with our daughter on the way, My husband and I made the decision to move to Whatcom County from the bustling Seattle area on a job transfer, seeking a close-knit community to raise our kids. Speaking of which, we are very proud to say that both are graduates from Western Washington University, with successful careers as a biochemist and speech pathologist.

My Background in Real Estate

If you had asked me 25 years ago if real estate would've been in my near future, I would have said absolutely not. I had two kids in elementary school which gave me a little free time to myself while they were in school to teach aerobic classes. Life was good!

In 2000, my next door neighbor asked if I could help her thumb through a hundred or so resumes in search for a receptionist at her dad's local real estate company. After reading each resume, I decided maybe it'd be fun to just "help out" while my kids were in school, and througout the next 19 years my resume grew to include marketing director, office manager, and staff and agent development.  

Becoming A Real Estate Broker

I used to always say to my husband that when the day comes, I want to be a "stay at home" grammy. After my kids graduated from college and got married, I thought it was the perfect time to prepare for that next chapter..................except for one thing!  Not only did I love my job, but I also couldn't see myself leaving a such a great company. It was in 2019 that I started my new career as a full time Real Estate Broker, and what a blessing it's been. 

I truly believe the best part of home is the people who fill it; The family, friends, fun and memories associated to it. Whether it's assisting first-time home buyers, facilitating a job relocation, helping individuals discover their ideal vacation retreat, or aiding in downsizing efforts, helping my clients find their perfect house to call home is what brings me the greatest fulfillment.

Finding your home-after-ever! If you are searching for a real estate professional who not only brings expertise to the table, but also understands the importance of finding a place to call home, I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

.....And On The Fun Side

When I'm not busy working in real estate, some of my outside passions are cooking great food, RVing with our family and good friends throughout the various wine countries down the coast, and hanging out with my kids and grandkids. Oh, and of course our Aussiedoodle, Murphy too!