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DIY Nursery Décor: 5 Tips for Renters

Prepping for parenthood? There are so many exciting changes on the horizon, but one change you’ll need to make at home is making sure you have a nursery all set up for your little one. As a renter, you may not have a ton of extra space to work with and you may also be limited by how many aesthetic changes you can make, but with the right guidance and a little creativity, your DIY nursery décor efforts can soar.

Nursery Preparation

Before you get into the design details, you need to choose a location for your nursery. Ideally, it will be close enough to your bedroom that you can quickly give your newborn the attention they need. To properly childproof your home, remove all unnecessary items from the nursery. Properly decluttering the area will help you prioritize safety. For more tips on childproofing your home, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission online: Childproofing Tips – CPSC

DIY Nursery Décor

1. Creative Storage Ideas

As a renter, you’ve likely gotten practice maximizing space at home. Storage in the nursery will help to keep everything tidy while making sure that the things you and your child needs are never too far away. Floating shelves and wall-mounted organizers are two popular choices for making the most of vertical space. Be sure to check your lease and talk to your landlord before drilling into the walls to prevent permanent damage. Keep all toys, diapers, and baby-related accessories in easily reachable baskets, stored either underneath the bed or in the closet.

2. Nursery Color Palette

Let your imagination run wild with color design ideas for painting and decorating. Add splashes of colors in the window curtains, pillows, bedding, carpeting, and other accessory items throughout the room. You can also consider removable wallpaper to refresh the room. If you are decide to re-paint, use an indoor paint calculator to determine how much paint you’ll need and to cut down on wasted material.

3. Light and Dark

Finding the right lighting for your home is a room-by-room journey. The kitchen, for example, has different lighting needs than your cozy reading nook. Your nursery is a unique area when it comes to proper lighting. To create a calm atmosphere, choose soft, warm-temperature lamps with dimmers. This allows you to adjust the lighting levels to fit the time of day (or night). Less harsh light is easier on a newborn’s eyes and can make for less of a headache when you’re waking up multiple times a night. Babies also need lots of rest, so it’s important to install heavy curtains that block out sunlight and allow your little one to drift into deep sleep.

4. Bring Nature Indoors

Incorporating nature at home has aesthetic benefits, of course, but it’s also good for your health. Using organic materials, house plants, and earthy accessories can help you breathe easier and lower your stress levels at home. Consider adding small potted plants along the windowsill, installing a mobile with a touch of nature, or even incorporating a small water feature in the room to encourage serenity. A nature-infused nursery will help you relax your mind so you can take each at-home parenting step in stride. To further align your nursery’s design with the rest of your home, learn about which house plants match with different interior design styles.

5. Create a Gallery Wall

You’ll create many memories in your nursery. Who knows? It could be the room where your child takes their first steps or utters their first word. Use wall space creatively by creating a gallery wall with adhesive strips to minimize damage to the walls. You can add personal photos and keep track of special memories made with your family at home. Consider a corkboard or magnetic whiteboard to pin up new memories in sight as well.

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