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What to Do While Listed

My home is on the market — now what?

It’s easy to feel like you’re in limbo while your home is on the market, but there are plenty of ways to stay active and continue to work with your agent toward a successful sale.

Where do I live between selling my home and moving in?

There are various housing options available to sellers in the time between selling your home and moving into a new one, though it depends on your financial situation and whether you are in contract on your new home.

How do I keep my home secure during showings?

It’s exciting to open your home to potential buyers, but the influx of foot traffic also warrants certain security measures. Talk to your agent about how to prepare your home for showings so you can stay safe while you sell.

How do negotiations work?

Your agent will handle negotiations with the buyer and provide guidance on how to proceed toward a deal. The market conditions may dictate which side has leverage in the negotiations, and your agent will form a strategy accordingly.

How much are closing costs?

Beyond the agent commission costs, which are typically between five and six percent of the purchase price, sellers can expect to pay a transfer tax, title insurance fees, escrow fees, and more. Your agent can help you anticipate these costs to avoid any unexpected surprises.

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