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Craftsman Home Style

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The Craftsman originated in Southern California in the early twentieth century, and quickly became very popular along the West Coast, influenced by rapid industry and population growth. Craftsman homes featured techniques inspired by the arts and crafts movement, using natural materials and techniques to highlight the true qualities of these materials, such as staining wood rather than painting it. Common features include handcrafted wood, glass, and metal work, and objects that are simple and elegant, yet highly functional.

Key Design Features

  • Low-pitched, gabled roof with a wide overhang
  • Deeply overhanging eves
  • Living room fireplaces
  • Front porches with thick columns and exposed beams
  • Hand-crafted wood and/or stone work
  • Built-ins in the form of furniture, cabinetry, and lighting fixtures

Examples of Craftsman Homes

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