Staci Faw, Broker in Ephrata, Windermere

Staci Faw




Windermere Real Estate/Central Basin, LLC
1133 Basin St. SW

Ephrata, WA 98823

Why I love and live here

Having grown up in this community and spending enough time in other parts of the world, I have come to appreciate and love the beauty of my surroundings! I have a passion for the outdoors, hiking, paddleboarding, and running are some of my favorite pastimes.  Whether you are a winter or summer enthusiast we have all the seasons to please everyone. I hope we can visit about all of the great activites that await you and your family in the Greater Columbia Basin.

We are community driven

At Windermere we are dedicated to the betterment of our communities. I have been a resident of this community/area for over 35 years and have found that I have chosen this area for many of the same reasons my clients and friends have.  The sunshine, the weather, the beauty of the farmland, the desert, the proximity to one of our many lakes/rivers, and best of all the people whom I share it with.

I enjoy being part of the community, one of the best things is going to to store and seeing friendly faces of my current and past clients and knowing that I was a part of their story. 

When I am not with my family or working for you, I enjoy community service projects, being a part of the Tiger Booster Club board, and volunteering at my children's school.

Clients and Friends

With over 16 years in this industry I have the experience to represent you well. Outstanding professionalism and solid communication give my clients a great experience. I have been blessed with many clients that have turned into great freinds and that is what drives me.  I truly look forward to getting to know you and your family. 

Being a second generation Windermere professional I have first hand experience and knowledge of this business and what it takes to get my clients needs met. 

I am also a graduate of Washington State University with a major in Human Development/Family Consumer Sciences.