Robert    Weston,  in Bellingham, Windermere

Robert Weston

LIC. 41044


Bellingham- Bakerview

Windermere Real Estate/Whatcom, Inc.
515 W Bakerview Rd.

Bellingham, WA 98226

Where did you grow up?

I'm a home grown Washingtonian. Born and raised 45 minutes south of Whatcom County in the Stanwood/Arlington area. I graduated from high school in 1989 and then received my BA from Western Washington University in 1994 (Geography, Urban and Regional Planning). Somehow some-way I felt I would return to Bellingham, but a lack of employment opportunities and finances forced me to move home. Four years later, I met my wife. Where did she live? Bellingham. We have been here ever since.

Describe your family:

I married my wife Willow on New Years Day 1999 we have two adult children Aidan and Bella, and dogs named Addie and Ginger. We enjoy spending time together near water, vacationing and most important eating together, our family loves good food. My wife is a speaker, author and runs a nonprofit that she started in 2014. My oldest son Aidan is an entrepreneur and loves music. My daughter is at Oregon State and is a cheerleader. Besides time with family, I enjoy Reading, CrossFit workouts, waterskiing, going to OSU football games, exploring foodtrucks, traveling to tropical locations and surfing. 

What inspired you to go into real estate?

After I graduated from College at Western Washington University I spent the summer working in construction. After a couple near death experiences I decided to get my real estate license. Looking back it probably wasn't the best idea, being 24 fresh out of college and not having any contacts, finances or experience. Not to mention my only mode of transportation was a 1981 Honda Accord, that I purchased with my credit card, because my college car broke down on the way to rowing practice. Well let's just say that I have learned much since then. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and sharing conversation. I wouldn't call myself a salesman, but if I am excited about something, I love to tell people about it. Real estate has many opportunities to do these things.


After over 20 years in real estate and more than 1000 transactions and outlasting one of the worst financial and real-estate crisis’s in history, I was not looking to change what I do as a Realtor, but how I do it. Recently I have expanded my business and have partnered with a good friend (Sean Hall) to form the first social real estate team focusing on housing issues, homelessness and the affordable housing crisis. Out of every 2roofs team sale we help a person in need find housing or in some cases help them build a home.  I have traveled to many areas in the world and housing seems to be the biggest issue that effects peoples safety, health and quality of life. By starting this social real estate business my hope is to bring more meaning to each transaction that we do. Out of every sale we give a portion of the commission to local and international nonprofits that are focused on housing issues. This comes out of our pocket with no additional cost to the buyer or seller.  With every sale we connect the story of the individual or family that we helped find a home for locally and then we share the story of the life that was changed by the transaction.   We truly believe that our clients are heroes.  Without our buyers or sellers choosing 2roofs what we hope to do is not possible.  

find us online and hear the stories at or find us on Facebook @2roofsrealestate

Why do you enjoy Living in Whatcom County?

Whatcom County is a unique and wonderful place to live. Smacked right in the middle of two of the biggest cities on the West Coast (Seattle and Vancouver, BC). The green and magnificent terrain and natural wonders are all here: ocean, lakes, mountains, rivers, islands. The list of activities are endless. Whether you enjoy finding that perfect cup of coffee and a fresh danish or a different golf course for every day of the week, it's here for you. The people here seem to enjoy life in a different way. Rush hour lasts about 20 minutes and is hard to find. People take jobs that may not make them rich, but allow them to enjoy and participate in all that this area has to offer. We have 4 distinct seasons, none of which are violent or relentless. You can rest assured that you probably won't be taken out by a tornado or a tsunami. We have great schools and teachers fresh out of Western Washington University standing in line for jobs, because they want to live here so badly. This is a safe place to raise a family, the crime rate is very low here. This is a place of expression and diversity with people freely sharing and experiencing the arts, their faith and political views. Whatcom County is a place where if you choose, there is no end to what you can experience here and the opportunities in all aspects of life are endless. There are not too many places in this country or the world that can say that. If your desire is to live life to the fullest, enjoy what you do, and thrive at life? Look no further Whatcom County is the place to be.