Dawn Sexton, Managing Broker  in Bellingham, Windermere

Dawn Sexton

Managing Broker

LIC. 50143


Bellingham- Fairhaven

Windermere Real Estate/Whatcom, Inc.
1200 Old Fairhaven Parkway

Bellingham, WA 98225


Dawn has been active in the real estate profession since 1997. Previously, she was in the banking industry for 12 years specializing in real estate financing. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from a major Korean university and is fully bilingual (English and Korean,) is a naturalized U.S. citizen, and has managed private businesses.

Dawn has a lengthy track record in both commercial and residential real estate transactions throughout the north Puget Sound area from Seattle to the Canadian border. She is detail oriented and very keen on identifying the needs of her clients. Her clients benefit from her resourcefulness and assistance for making successful real estate decisions.

She has worked in Seoul, Tokyo, Columbus (OH,) Chicago, Honolulu, and Bellingham (WA.) Dawn is culturally sensitive and works well with multicultural clients.

Dawn and her real estate broker husband, Fred, team-up to provide broad coverage for their clients in both commercial and residential endeavors. Fred has a lengthy background in domestic and international economic development and real estate. He has been a commercial and residential real estate broker, locally, since 2002.