More November 29, 2021

National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

The Windermere Foundation was founded in 1989 to support low-income and homeless families in the communities where Windermere has a presence. In honor of National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, we’ve compiled the following list of organizations that support and aid the young homeless population in our country.

Each year, an estimated 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness in the United States, of which 700,000 are unaccompanied minors ( The most common causes of youth homelessness include a lack of affordable housing, economic hardship, substance abuse of a family member, parental neglect, objection to sexual orientation or gender identity and mental health disorders.

Unaccompanied homeless youth are at a higher risk of anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress, and suicide due to increased exposure to violence while living on their own. Learn more about the causes and consequences of youth homelessness online at (National Conference of State Legislators).


Here are some ways you can support homeless youth in your community:


Organizations who have been supported by the Windermere Foundation: 

The Windermere Foundation supports, among others, the following organizations dedicated to helping homeless youth and families in their communities. To support these organizations, donate to the Windermere Foundation through your local Windermere office.


To find out more about the Windermere Foundation or to make a donation, please visit, To donate, click the button below.