Interior Design Styles



The history of Victorian design is rooted in nineteenth century England – during the reign of Queen Victoria. It was an era of ornate and excessive decoration in all things. Victorian design is defined by orderliness and ornamentation; surfaces are usually filled with objects that reflect the owner's interest, such as antique vases. Many Victorian homes have formal entertaining spaces towards the front of the home, such as a parlor and formal dining room. Carved wood chairs and furnishings are typical of this design aesthetic, and are generally small in scale to fit these rooms. This style is commonly more colorful and feminine than other traditional home styles, so decorating with lace, embroidered textiles, and floral fabrics fit this design style well.  Velvet is commonly used for upholstering furnishings and drapery, giving a sense of luxury to a simple room.

Elements of design

  • Victorian decor emphasizes elegant, ornate, rich, and formal details
  • Furniture is generally made of dark wood; marble tops are also common
  • Chair and sofa legs are normally made of carved wood
  • Sideboards in a range of decorative styles, often ornamented with veneers and inlays
  • Feminine details such as lace or embroidery are common
  • Velvet upholstered furniture and drapery
  • Other details might include brocades, oriental carpets, and romantic touches of roses and lace