Interior Design Styles



Southwestern-styled interiors are known for their desert-inspired designs; including textured walls made of adobe or layered plaster in light yellows and pinks. Floors are usually done in tile or light-colored hardwood, and paired with striped wool rugs for added warmth. Traditional Mexican or Southwest Indian art and distressed wrought iron are commonly used for decoration, and furniture is generally large and comfortable, with wood pieces built from knotty pine.

Elements of design

  • Colors inspired by the desert, including sandy yellows, light pinks, greens, browns, and reds
  • Texture to walls may be added with layered plaster
  • Decorative elements, such as terracotta pottery, traditional Mexican or Southwest Indian art, and woven wool blankets
  • Light wood or tile floors paired with wool throw rugs
  • Large comfortable seating paired with knotted pine wood pieces