Interior Design Styles


Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is a style that combines casual, romantic furnishings with antiques and elegant adornments. The look is achieved by distressing furniture to give it an aged appearance, combined with antiques and overstuffed, casual furnishings. Shabby Chic rooms are generally dominated with white, neutral colors, and light floral fabrics, to create an elegant and feminine space. Chandeliers, candles, and antiques all enhance the cozy, lived-in appeal of this style.

Elements of design

  • Romantic, feminine style that embodies casual comfort through distressed furnishings, antiques, and overstuffed furnishings
  • Furniture is generally distressed by sanding edges of heavily painted wood for a  layered appearance
  • Light colored palette that incorporates a range of whites, natural materials, and pastels
  • Overstuffed sofas and chairs tend to be covered in light-colored cotton or linen
  • Soft lighting is often enhanced with chandeliers and candles