Interior Design Styles

A wonderfully worked arabian bedroom.


Morocco was a trade center for centuries and you can still see the influences of Arab, Spanish, and French cultures in this design style. This style is colorful, casual, and welcoming. Walls are generally heavily textured and painted rich colors. Textiles and tiles are common decorative elements and have bold geographic patters like stars or chevrons. Tiled floors commonly feature Persian rugs. Furniture is generally made with wood and overstuffed cushions, and additional seating can be accommodated through the use of floor pillows.

Elements of design

  • The color palette is both warm and vibrant through the use of blues, yellows, reds, greens, oranges, and bright pink
  • Tiled floors are common, often warmed up with large Persian Rugs
  • Solid wood-framed furniture with comfortable, overstuffed cushions, and floor pillows
  • Decorative tiles with bright geometric patterns, such as starbursts or chevrons
  • Tile mosaic inlays are often used in furniture, on floors, and as wall decorations
  • Wrought iron wall ornaments, sconces, and room dividers are common decorative elements