Interior Design Styles


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modernist style epitomizes simplicity with clean lines and minimal decoration. The furniture style compliments the architectural design with an emphasis on straight lines. Mid-century modern homes generally have open floor plans, with large floor-to-ceiling windows that call attention to the natural environment. Natural elements are also brought into the home with stone wall details and natural wood beams. In contrast, mid-century furniture is generally leather or wood and highly polished and sophisticated. Stainless steel and granite are complimentary materials with their sleek surfaces. The color palette is usually quite modern with shades of white, cream, grey, dark brown or black, accented by primary colors for added contrast.

Elements of design

  • Clean and simple design with straight lines and minimalist décor
  • Large floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Natural elements such as light, wood, and stone are common elements to bring the outdoors in
  • Floor plans are generally open with minimal options for enclosed storage
  • Decorative décor is limited to keep clutter to a minimum
  • Black, white, cream, and grey are commonly used with additional primary colors for added contrast