Interior Design Styles



Industrial design style is often found in lofts or other reclaimed industrial spaces. Open spaces, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling windows are common in industrial spaces and defining decorative elements. Industrial spaces show their building materials as a design element, by using exposed brick walls, concrete or weathered wood floors, bare ceilings, structural beams, and metal air ducts. Because these spaces typically have so much texture in their building elements, a neutral palette is commonly used. High ceilings are often emphasized with floor-to-ceiling window panels in white cotton to let in natural light. In industrial spaces where storage is limited or exposed, utilizing bookshelves as room dividers is a common practice.

Elements of design

  • The Industrial look is most often found in reclaimed factories or converted lofts
  • Architectural detail is emphasized by open spaces, high ceilings, and floor–to-ceiling windows
  • Brick walls, wooden beams, and air ducts are left exposed
  • Floors are typically polished concrete or weathered wood
  • Whites, blacks, and gray color palettes are used to emphasize space
  • Large-scale art pieces or bookshelves often divide large rooms