Interior Design Styles


Asian Inspired

Asian-inspired home interiors primarily reference Japanese and Chinese design aesthetics. The style is grounded in eastern philosophies, although diverse, striving to create a balance between the external world and internal being. Minimalism is the core virtue of Asian-inspired design. By eliminating clutter, ornaments, and furnishings, these spaces are thought to be enhanced and promote harmony. Design philosophies, such as Feng Shui, provide guidance for achieving balance between natural elements and encouraging the flow of energy. Natural fabrics and materials, household plants, the inclusion of water (such as a fountain), and natural lighting are all common elements.

Elements of design

  • Minimalism is a core virtue, ridding the home of clutter and unnecessary furnishings
  • Extensive use of natural elements, ranging from natural fabrics and building materials, to the inclusion of plants, water, and natural light
  • Function is equal to form
  • Design style is without excess ornamentation
  • Color palette is typically neutral and reflects muted colors found in nature, such as bamboo and stone
  • Decorative wall panels, room dividers, orchids, and statues of deities are common elements