Interior Design Styles


Art Deco

Art Deco style is a decorative take on modernist style from the early twentieth century. Interior architectural elements include smooth walls with rounded corners, parquet wood floors, glass block windows, and porthole windows.  Furniture is modern, often with mirrored facades, and is heavily lacquered or with inlaid geometric designs. Common materials also include veneer, stainless steel, or chrome. As with modernist style, spaces are uncluttered with minimal furniture or display.

Elements of design

  • Smooth walls with rounded corners
  • Parquet or tile floors with geometric designs
  • Mirrored wall panels, glass block windows, and room dividers
  • Modern furniture including mirrored or veneer facade
  • Color palette is bold; often black and white with bright accents
  • Geometric patterns, including chevrons and sunbursts, are often incorporated into the design