Architectural Styles

Duplex / Townhome / Rowhouse Home Style

Typical brownstone townhouses in Back Bay district of downtown Boston, Massachusetts, USA on a sunny day.

A duplex is a stand-alone structure with two units that share a common wall, but separate entrances. A townhome or row house consists of a row of similar or identical dwellings that are individually owned. Townhomes are typically closer to that of single-family home ownership, without monthly dues or Home Ownership Associations. Each type of unit shares a wall with adjacent dwellings. Townhomes are common in dense urban spaces.

Key Design Features

  • Multiple units adjacent to one another with shared walls
  • Units typically mirror one another
  • Ownership similar to single-family dwellings
  • Common in dense urban areas

Examples of Duplex / townhome / rowhouse Homes

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