Wendy Indvik, Broker in Bainbridge Island, Windermere

Wendy Indvik

Broker | Luxury Advisor


Bainbridge Island

Windermere Real Estate/BI, Inc.
249 Winslow Way E Suite 400

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-3270

A Welcoming Perspective

Even as a long-time islander, Wendy Indvik still remembers what it feels like to be a newcomer to this real estate market. So whether she’s introducing buyers to Bainbridge or helping sellers prepare for an across-town move, Wendy puts herself in her clients’ shoes and advocates for them every step of the way. She offers clients a combination of industry-specific professional experience, deep connections within the local volunteer community and the intangible know-how that comes with raising kids on the island. Best of all, she knows how to listen to what people need, so she can match her clients with the properties and neighborhoods that suit them best.

Market Insights

Wendy’s diverse résumé, which includes a master’s degree in architecture as well as experience in commercial development and non-profit housing, boosts her strengths as a real estate professional and a client advocate. She knows how to identify well-built structures on behalf of buyers, how to market homes effectively on behalf of sellers, and how to negotiate transactions strategically from either side of the table. After devoting more than a decade of her career learning the ins and outs of the housing and development sectors, she transitioned in 2001 to Bainbridge Island residential real estate sales. Since doing so, she has established a reputation as someone who prioritizes her clients’ interests above all other considerations.

Home on Bainbridge

Born and raised in coastal New England and a proud Bainbridge Island resident since 1996, Wendy clearly has an affinity for quaint harbor towns. She and her architect husband chose Bainbridge as the best place to raise their two sons because it felt more like home to them than any of the other communities around the country they explored. Wendy now devotes her career to helping others discover the greatness of this distinctive place.

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