Virginia Sewell, Broker in Portland, Windermere

Virginia Sewell


Licensed in Oregon


Portland- Raleigh Hills

Windermere Realty Trust
6443 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Ste 100

Portland, OR 97221


The same qualities I look for in a home, I look to bring as an agent: Quality, Integrity, Value and Accessibility. Quality is what separates a good house from a mediocre house. Quality of design, materials and craftsmanship. Quality of service is what I strive for in every aspect of real estate. I will help you analyze, prioritize, strategize, and realize your real estate objectives. Along the way, I will evaluate, facilitate, advocate, negotiate, communicate and educate.


A house with integrity is a house that is sound and that you can trust to last through the years. Integrity is the foundation of my work. Whether engaging with sellers, buyers, agents, escrow officers or mortgage brokers, you can trust that every interaction and transaction will be honest and sound. I will go overboard to make sure everything is aboveboard. Professionalism in every situation is paramount.


Everyone wants to feel they are getting good value for a house, whether buying or selling. They want a home that will maintain value over time. Value is what I want to provide in every situation. Besides real estate expertise, I offer market evaluation, pre-sale preparation, and design consultation. My goal is to get the most value for the house you are selling and negotiate the best value for the house you are buying.


A good home provides access to what you need, whether that be public transportation, parks, shopping, recreation, a great kitchen or a beautiful backyard. I will be equally accessible. You can expect timely responses to any inquiry. I also provide access to neighborhood and provider names, numbers and news. I find out what you need, and what you need I can help find. I am committed to giving back to the community. For every sale, I will make a donation to your favorite organization, as well as to the Windermere Foundation.