Tsz Wai (Herschell) Szigethy,  in Oak Harbor, Windermere

Tsz Wai (Herschell) Szigethy


Whidbey Island- Oak Harbor

Windermere Real Estate/Whidbey Island
32785 SR 20 Suite 4

Oak Harbor, WA 98277

My Name

Hello! I know my first names does not make any sense, and my last name is not the easiest to pronounce either, thanks to my lovely husband. It is pronounced as (Z Y), exactly how to pronounce the alphabet Z & Y. It is a weird name, that is why I also go by Herschell, like Herschel Walker, except I am a female and terrible at football; you can call me Hershey if you like chocolate.

My Background 

I was born and raised in a concrete city, Hong Kong. Cantonese is my mother tongue, and English, Japanese, and Mandarin are my second languages. I lived in Hong Kong for 21 years until my interest in the beautiful Japanese language brought me to Japan, where I lived for six years and met my husband while he was stationed in Yokosuka. And like many other military families, that led us to this beautiful island we now call home for over three years. I first moved to the state during COVID, which helped me strengthen my cooking and baking skills. I believe in curing home cravings by DIY and making your husband eat them. I am also a mom-to-be and a proud fur mom with two beautiful Aussies. 

Why Real Estate 

I have worked in the customer-facing industry since I was 15; connecting with people is my strong suit. I first held an interest in real estate in Japan as it was my first time living by myself, but then my love for real estate developed when I moved here to Whidbey Island and bought our very first home. Everything was very different from what I am used to; the architecture of the houses, the layout, the community, and the experience were fascinating, and that is when I decided to become an agent. 

My Intentions with You

We were fortunate to have an outstanding agent to assist us in closing on our first home, and I understand how important it is to have someone to guide you through the critical steps of your purchases. Let me be that agent for you, whether you are a first-time home buyer, new to the area, new to the country, still searching for your dream home, or moving on to your next home. Let's chat, and I will dedicate my knowledge, professionalism, and motivation to you. We are in this together; let me shorten your distance to your dream home.