Tim Todd, REALTOR in Spokane, Windermere

Tim Todd


LIC. 25860



Windermere North Spokane, LLC
9017 N Country Homes Blvd.

Spokane, WA 99218

Windermere Spokane

Windermere Spokane

Spokane, WA

The Personal Profile

A native of Montana, Tim graduated from a High School of 49 and a class of 11. After leaving the family farm, he moved to Seattle. He then started a career fishing in Alaska and began investing in real estate. When Seattle became too big he decided he wanted the small town life so he moved to Spokane.

Hobbies and Interests

Tim enjoys boating, water skiing and fly fishing. He is involved with his neighborhood and enjoys the role he takes with the Windermere Foundation.


Tim makes a constant effort to improve the level of his service he provides to you as his client. This is because in his business, the most profound asset he possesses is your respect as his client. His philosophy about real estate is quite simple, in every situation he puts himself in your shoes.

After you've bought your home, Tim implements his "Client Appreciation Program" which features a whole range of informational booklets, brochures, referrals to special trades & services along with information on pre-paying your mortgage and a whole host of other helpful information you'll receive on a monthly basis. He is interested in building strong, lasting, lifelong relationships...one person at a time. His goal is to become...YOUR PERSONAL REALTOR FOR LIFE!