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Tim Glassett

Realtor® | Broker


Longview - Kelso

Windermere Northwest Living
209 West Main 200

Kelso, WA 98626

Why Cowlitz County

Born and raised in Longview, Cowlitz County holds a special place in my heart. The history of the area is particularly fascinating to me! Did you know that Longview/Kelso was a planned community? Lake Sacajawea was agreed to be the centerpiece, a place for both communities to gather and enjoy the serenity of the PNW. The fresh scents permeating from the large evergreen forests create wonderful vibes in the PNW, even better when taking the backroads on a motorcycle.

Why Real Estate

Knowing that Cowlitz County is my home, having a chance to assist the community was something that was missing in previous workplaces. After purchasing a few properties for myself, I found that I really enjoyed the process as well as the interaction with agents. “House Hunting” is an art form! Have you ever seen a group of guys gathered around a beat up old car, discussing it as if it were brand new? Well, I see houses much the same, I cannot help but look at a home and see all the “possibilities.” Seeing the vision that my clients have for the home that they are purchasing will forever bring a smile to my face!

My Promise To You

Constant availability! That is what I guarantee to each and every one of my clients. I am 100% invested in my clients. You found a property while you were sitting back after dinner? Don’t Hesitate! Give me a call, I will answer, and we will get an appointment set for a time that works for you!

Terms similar to; Too Late, Too Early, Too Busy… Have no room in my relationship with you, my clients. Give me a call so we can talk about how I can serve you!