Tari Burback, Realtor | 1997 - 2024 in Vancouver, Windermere

Tari Burback

Realtor | 1997 - 2024 | Luxury Advisor

LIC. 13905


Vancouver - Felida

Windermere Northwest Living
10710 NW Lakeshore Ave. Suite 105

Vancouver, WA 98685

People always remember how they've been treated. Our most significant relationships are built on loyalty, integrity and passion. When this happens, people form bonds. They connect. And these connections persist through the seasons, from years of plenty, through lean years, and back again. But without this kind of trust we risk becoming transactional, common, and ultimately....forgettable.

I've spent my entire real estate career creating relationships that last. Investing more to get more. Going one step further. Working with creative people to guide my clients into smart, architecturally beautiful homes and neighborhoods that become part of their lives forever. My hope is that it will feel like extra attention.

In truth, it's simply my standard.