Steve Rowe, REALTOR in Renton, Windermere

Steve Rowe

REALTOR | Condo Specialist


Renton- PSR

Windermere Real Estate/PSR, Inc.
3800 NE 4th Street

Renton, WA 98056

Steve Rowe Real Estate

Steve Rowe is a compassionate and proficient Real Estate Broker for Windermere Real Estate. Steve strives to provide the most courteous, dedicated, and diligent service he can, while always maintaining integrity in every situation. This has always been instilled in him, as he and his twin brother have received one of the highest ranks in The Boy Scouts of America, the Eagle Scout award.

A Little History

Steve has been in sales since 2006; where he embarked on a life changing career in the telecom/cable door to door sales world. This gave him the opportunity to travel across the US and retain many successful habits. Steve quickly learned to listen to his clients to identify the best solution for their needs. This led to a promotion to General Manager where Steve was responsible for many things such as recruiting, training, sales, and other management duties. He was so dependable that he was invited on a yearly company trip; while there he received the Rising Star award. Family is also important to Steve, so after 3 years of being on the road it was time to return back to his home town. After his return to the Pacific Northwest, an opportunity arose to work at a local corporate housing company. While staying ambitious he moved around the company for 4 years learning everything he could. He started driving the trucks and moving furniture, but then naturally moved into client services to assist customers, and finished as the Sales Associate responsible for renting and selling the company's furniture. Many of the clients were Stagers and Real Estate Agents; this presented Steve with more knowledge and tools that easily transitioned him into his Real Estate business.

A Little More About Steve Rowe

Steve currently lives in Renton, Washington with his wife Kendall. They have a small family that consists of pets, for now. Lola, the oldest, is a Leopard Gecko who has been there since the beginning. Next, are two White Tree Frog’s named Hip and Hop who seem to only move when there are crickets to eat. The king of the house is a cat named Charlie who also goes by "Little Prince". The newest member to the family is another rescue kitty that is one eyed named Captain Ron also goes by "Ronnie". Steve also enjoys an array of activities such as growing vegetables in the garden, bowling, and you may even find him down at the local library checking out another "book on tape".