Stephen Janho, Managing Broker  in Federal Way, Windermere

Stephen Janho

Managing Broker


Federal Way West Campus

Windermere Real Estate/West Campus, Inc.
33455 6th Ave S Suite 1-A

Federal Way, WA 98003

Stephen Janho - Criterion Real Estate Team

Cri·te·ri·on – a standard by which a decision is made.
At Criterion Real Estate Investments we seek to serve you through a professional and proven process that will equip you to make the wisest real estate investment decisions.
As trusted advisors our aim is to empower your decision making through our standards of excellence so that your criteria is not only met but exceeded.

Four Pillars of Criterion Real Estate


Being prepared and ready to respond professionally demands a committed persistence to care for the needs of our clients and our colleagues proactively. We desire to treat them, as we would want to be treated. Real estate transactions combine a great deal of challenging personalities working together. Facilitating and managing clear, efficient and timely communication between buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, title officers with grace and clear direction is what sets Criterion apart.


There is a tenacity and passion that is at the core of what we do at CRE. Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles in the face of adversity to achieve and accomplish your stated goals. Our goal isn’t simply to work toward successful transactions but to build long-term relationships with our clients and colleagues. Like any strong relationship there must be a commitment to work through and resolve concerns and conflict and to overcome challenges.


A trusted advisor is never trying to “sell” you something for their own benefit but “serve” you through a process for your good. At CRE we desire to put your needs and concerns before our own. That demands of us a patient posture. CRE will not close deals that aren’t in the best interest of our clients period. Whether dealing with a year long short sale or a property search that spans years instead of days we will be there to assist and advise you in the process. Thoroughly answering your questions and concerns so that you are equipped to make the wisest decision possible is achieved through patient care. In our experience the age old saying is true…”Good things come to those who wait.”


At our very core is the stated goal to do all things for the Glory of God. At CRE we do not simply answer to our clients on matters of integrity but we ultimately answer to our Senior Managing Partner. It is through the person and work of Jesus Christ that we are given the guidance, grace and direction to provide the greatest level of care and service to our clients.

Experience / Background

With over 20 years of eclectic business experience and 10 years in financial commodities trading Stephen Janho brings a wealth of professional investment and business experience to bear on real estate investments. Privately investing since 2005 in Real Estate in the greater Seattle area Stephen now focuses on seeking to serve the needs of others through providing professional real estate consulting and advising.

As a licensed Real Estate broker with the state of Washington Stephen works with some of the finest Real Estate Professionals in the business. Working out of the Windermere RE/West Campus in Federal Way, specializing in Commercial as well as Residential Properties. With five years as a full-time minister and pastor Stephen understands that serving others is a fundamental component in life and seeks to do so from his platform as a Real Estate Professional.

With very strong networks of professional and personal relationships he seeks to connect others in meaningful ways. With a wonderful wife of 20 years and 5 children Stephen is a devoted husband and caring father seeking to never lose focus of his greatest commitments in life….To Fear God and serve him above all else with his time, talents, and abilities and to be relentless in his love and care for his wife and children.