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Shari Hinshaw



Bainbridge Island

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249 Winslow Way E Suite 400

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110-3270

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If you’re buying or selling on Bainbridge Island, the right client/agent relationship can make the difference between success and a lost opportunity. Your needs are unique and my approach to your transaction will be tailored to you and our current market climate. From our initial meetings to the final negotiations, my job is to be your advocate and represent only your interests throughout the process.

My promise to you is to cover all of the details, build a plan that works, communicate regularly and work until you are in the home of your dreams or until we’ve found the buyer that works.


Let me sit with you, listen to your needs and develop a plan. Together we’ll review your property, the current market, and comparable homes both in your neighborhood and around the island.

Then, it’s time for me to go to work. You’ll get a comprehensive marketing plan including pricing scenarios, open houses, staging and a visibility campaign. Technology has made a huge difference in how homes are marketed but it also limits what potential buyers will see as a first impression; so staging and quality images are critical to the presentation.


Bainbridge Island is a place like none other and there is a surprising variety of homes here; scenic views, serene forests, beautiful beaches, quaint neighborhoods and breathtaking estates. When you look a little deeper you’ll find amazing properties or properties with amazing potential in places you wouldn’t think to look. The trick is finding the perfect property and to fit your needs.


My family and I live on Bainbridge. You will see me in the grocery store, on the ferry and at our parks. These are our schools, this is our home and our community, and I wouldn’t trade it for any place on earth.

I have many years of customer service experience. Before starting a career in Real Estate, I was in the airline industry with a background in inflight management. Working downtown Bainbridge has helped me connect with the people who make Bainbridge Island a special place to live.