Sasha Welford, Real Estate Broker in Portland, Windermere

Sasha Welford

Real Estate Broker | Condo Specialist

in Oregon


Portland - Pearl District

Windermere Realty Trust
1220 NW Lovejoy St. Suite 130

Portland, OR 97209

Real Estate Broker

I work with buyers and sellers in Portland and the surrounding areas.  I enjoy getting to know people through their real estate journey, finding out what is important, and helping to make it happen!  
Before expanding into the broader residential market in 2010, I was fortunate to be selling and marketing several condominium buildings in Portland. I attended construction, design, and architecture meetings for each project and continually learned how to better position and present the properties for sale.  
I have enjoyed cultivating a strong network of clients, with a significant portion of my business being generated from referrals and repeat customers.