Sarah Perkins,  in Quilcene, Windermere

Sarah Perkins

LIC. 129144


Hood Canal

Windermere Hood Canal
294963 Hwy 101

Quilcene, WA 98376
I grew up in my family owned and operated business, the Twana Roadhouse, in scenic Quilcene, WA, located on the Olympic Peninsula.  My parents purchased the rundown "Quilcene Café" in 1995 and as a family project along with my five siblings, we worked tirelessly to transform and fix the building to be an operable business again opening the café in 1996. From the age of 2, I grew up admiring, watching, learning and helping my mother manage the customer service business that became a part of who I am. I loved the daily interaction serving the public and I knew from this early age I would in some way have a career working with the public. 
I graduated from Quilcene High School where my passion for softball, basketball and volleyball gave me a busy and fulfilling high school experience. It was at this time I really grew to love my community through the support and love they showed me as a young adult. When I wasn't busy with sports, I worked in the café where I saved and purchased my first vehicle before I turned 16. After graduation, I spent two summers in Sitka, Alaska, working in the marine and service industries but my heart led me back to my friendly small hometown.
I love the Olympic Peninsula with all the beauty and intrigue it has to offer! From fishing, boating, kayaking, crabbing, mountaineering, I do it all and I am always excited to explore a new viewpoint that reminds me I live in one of the most gorgeous places on earth. In 2017, I joined the Windermere real estate team when I decided this career is the perfect way to share my love for where I live and to share my passion as to why I feel blessed to have grown up in its endless beauty.  Along with my husband and two fur babies, I look forward to building a future that includes a family and being a part of the Windermere team that can help you with all your real estate needs!