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Real estate brokers specialize in finding buyers and sellers of property and putting them together for successful transactions. They are also attuned to market conditions and can help you receive or pay a fair value. However, real estate brokers generally cannot provide you the advice and services you need for deciphering land use codes and resolving oftentimes complex land use issues. These are jobs for a land use planner. It is usually better and ultimately more cost-effective to work with an experienced land use planner from the beginning of the transaction rather than after problems have arisen. An experienced land use planner can also be an essential part of your due diligence and feasibility analysis.

Sandy J. Brown joined the team at Windermere in 2018 and has been a real estate broker licensed in the State of Oregon since 2013. Sandy was a certified land use planner (AICP), who worked as a planning consultant for more than nine years. Prior to that time Sandy worked in both city and county government as a land use planner. Sandy also has experience in the private sector, having worked for several environmental consulting companies as an environmental resource and planning specialist. With an environmental and land use planning background that spans almost 20 years, Sandy provides expert land use planning advice. She offers expertise and experience in regional and municipal planning and zoning issues. 

Sandy can help you answer crucial questions like: 

• What is the legal status of the existing use? 

• Are there any pending code violations or enforcement proceedings? 

• What can you do with the property under zoning and other regulations? 

• Are there pending code changes? 

• Can my property goals be achieved? 

This type of research and advice can pay off for clients, especially in the early phases of property investigation. 

Feel free to contact Sandy at 831-588-8204 or to discuss your property needs.