Samuel Hilbert, Realtor Broker in Seattle, Windermere

Samuel Hilbert

Realtor Broker


Seattle-Capitol Hill

Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc.
1112 19th Avenue East

Seattle, WA 98112

Seattle Condo and Townhome Expert

For nearly 10 years, I have got to see the Seattle market go through some drastic changes. During the recession, I was able to evolve my business to help owners through financial difficulties while becoming one of the top short sale agents in the region. Many of these owners had condos and townhomes with unique issues. I was able to work through scenarios that most agents may never see in their careers and have since become a huge expert in the condo and townhome community around Seattle. As you begin planning your move to Seattle, I'd love to help use some of the information that I have learned during my career to better serve you. I look forward to working with you in the near future.