Robert Wetzel,  in Riverside, Windermere

Robert Wetzel



Windermere Tower Properties
7197 Brockton Avenue Suite 6

Riverside, CA 92506

My Bio

I have spent most of my life in beautiful Southern California. Growing up, I had one true passion: wrestling. Wrestling taught me hard work, discipline, respect, and competiveness. After graduating high school, I became a coach and personal trainer, which mainly taught me how to take care of others. These are all traits that a great Realtor must have. I was born to be a real estate professional. I truly enjoy every part of it and work hard everyday on how I can better serve my clients. My previous jobs and life experiences has prepared me for this amazing career. My favorite part about it all is knowing that I am helping families and my community. When my clients hire me, they are not hiring just another Realtor. They are hiring someone who will put their needs first. They are hiring someone who does not do this part-time and is passionate about the industry. They are hiring someone who was put on this earth to help others. They are hiring Robert Wetzel. Remember the name!