Pat Moynihan, Realtor in University Place, Windermere

Pat Moynihan



Tacoma Narrows

Windermere Professional Partners
2212 Mildred St. W.

University Place, WA 98466

REALTOR® Pat Moynihan believes that “If you will it, it is no dream.” Known for easily adapting in situations and going with the flow, Pat also listens before he speaks. He’s also known for his sense of humor—having the opportunity to make people laugh is what gets him out of bed each morning!

Pat has been in sales for his entire career, and he has worked in a variety of industries including healthcare, insurance, and transportation. Each venture has been challenging and exciting.

Currently, Pat lives in Brier. In addition to hanging out with his wife and their 3 kids, he enjoys sailboat races and playing music.

Q: What kind of real estate you specialize in?

A: I primarily work with investment properties.

Q: Why are you excited to join Windermere Professional Partners?

A: I like the professionalism that Windermere displays, especially what I've seen from Windermere Professional Partners.