Nicki Callahan, Property Manager  in Seattle, Windermere

Nicki Callahan

Property Manager


Property Management- Seattle

Windermere Property Management/ JMW Group
210 Summit Ave. E.

Seattle, WA 98102

Managing Your Property as If It Were My Own

With more than 25 years of real estate sales experience, and 11 years of property management, along with owning and managing several personal rental properties, I understand the business of real estate investment, the importance of a strategic marketing plan, and the value of an owner’s time. Of course, paramount in this industry is return on investment - keeping an eye on the bottom line and your positive cash flow. I manage your properties as I manage my own, with attention to detail and diligence.

Experience-Driven Property Management: A Trusted Approach

Windermere Property Management offers you extensive expertise in Landlord/Tenant Laws, Fair Housing Guidelines, and proven systems refined through years of experience. This depth of knowledge fosters trust and reliability, ensuring a smooth and beneficial management process for both property owners and tenants.

Thank you for considering Windermere Property Management. I look forward to speaking with you in more detail about our property management services.