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Mike Ferreri



Windermere Real Estate Co.
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Seattle, WA 98115

"Always Compete"

I covered Seattle sports as a sports anchor for local ABC Affiliate KOMO-TV for 21 years. I made the transition to Real Estate during the pandemic . Everyday in this field of Real Estate , in my mind,I hear a common phrase from Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll’s press conferences playing over and over “Always compete”, I have found it applies to every layer of Real Estate.

As a Realtor I am always competing with thousands of other qualified professionals to become “your Realtor”. Every Realtor is prepared, has a game plan and wants to win but at the end of the day not everyone will win your business and the rewarding relationships that come with it. It’s important to standout. I standout by connecting with clients on a personal level, communicating regularly and providing a level of comfort that comes with always keeping my client’s best interest in mind. My connection to clients goes well beyond the transaction, I gain friends through the process and always look to stay connected long after they have moved in or moved out.

Whether it’s on the listing side or the buyer’s side we always have to compete and it’s the part of real estate that really gets the juices flowing for me personally. I get excited to help people realize their dreams whether it’s buying a home or selling their current home to move on to that dream home in the sunshine, in the mountains or closer to family.

Listing a home is one of the best parts of Real Estate. There is a project coordinator role that I relish as we get your home ready to sell. I am a project coordinator up until the day we put your home on the market, that’s when I become your real estate broker and we work to gain maximum value for your home.

Whether it’s new paint, carpet, landscaping or general repairs, I have various contractors for you to choose from for any job. If there are certain things I can take care of without having to hire contractors I will do it personally and I enjoy every minute of it. The preparation is the best part of getting a home ready to go on the market, it’s all about getting ready for game day. When the house goes on the market we are competing with thousands of other homes for buyers…it’s important that we are ready to compete…and win.

Working with buyers is another part of Real Estate I really enjoy and is so completely different from listing a home. My experience on the listing side has given me a really good perspective on what a strong offer looks like and how to land the best home for my buyer clients. Through the process of working with buyers I enjoy when I get to help them really focus in on what they like or don’t like, that will ultimately decide whether we will compete for a home and put together a strong offer for consideration. There is nothing better than letting buyers know their offer was accepted, that they won and they can start planning their move.

I am eager to work with you whether you are listing a home or looking to buy a home in the greater Seattle area. I will go anywhere my clients need me and enjoy any opportunity I get to travel around the beautiful state of Washington.

Call or email any time and get ready to “Always Compete”.