Miao Sui, Broker, Chinese Bilingual in Everett, Windermere

Miao Sui

Broker, Chinese Bilingual


Everett South

Windermere Real Estate/M2, LLC
9502 19th Ave. SE Suite A

Everett, WA 98208

Let Me Work for You

I will work tirelessly for you making sure all of your needs are met with an uncompromised attention to detail. I am your perfect match if you need someone to stand with you side by side explaining and walking you through the entire process. Research, negotiation skills, and a true desire to meet your needs are what separate me from the rest. With your trust and my strengths, we will work together to make a smooth transaction. Trust me and choose me! I am here waiting to work for you!!

Detail Oriented

As an Engineer and Researcher turned Real Estate Broker, my exceptional ability of methodological thinking and scientific data analysis will benefit you when buying or selling your home. I will pay attention to every part of your transaction and keep you in control and informed.

Multicultural Background

I am fluent in English and Mandarin. Since I relocated from China, I know the challenges of making such a huge move. From my experiences I am able to help you navigate the entire real estate process, from beginning to end. I fully understand the challenges associated for first time home buyers, new comers to the states, and buyers/sellers who are temporarily facing financial difficulties.

Education and Diversity

I completed and received my PhD in Electrical Engineering in Beijing, China. I interned in Singapore for Temasek Laboratories associated with National University of Singapore. My success has brought me to America where I have worked in Silicon Valley, and recently finishing a long-term contract with the University of Washington. The Greater Seattle Area is a melting pot multicultural interests which is why I live here and support the growth of our community.