Miss Linda Crumb, Oregon Licensed Realtor® in Lake Oswego, Windermere

Miss Linda Crumb

Oregon Licensed Realtor®

LIC. 201236050


Lake Oswego - West

Windermere Realty Group, LLC
3689 Carman Drive Suite 100

Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Miss Linda Crumb

As a Public Health Professional in the Healthcare Industry for 23 years, I have worked with people of all ethnic groups and nationalities. I understand the needs of others and the desire to better your life and to have more for your family. As a Realtor, I take pride in delivering the best results for my clients and helping them to find the home that best suits their needs. I actively listen to my clients, build the rapport and the trust that is needed for healthy relationships, and remain conscientious of your choices and your interests. You can trust me to work tirelessly to assist you in reaching your goals. With the leading real estate company in the Northwest, you can count on me to help make your dreams a reality.