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2417 Bogus Basin Road

Boise, ID 83702

I am persistent and hardworking, always friendly, and very personable. I am adaptable to new situations and have a desire to learn new things. I love working with people, getting them excited about new items, or simply having an intelligent conversation.

I have lived in Boise most of my life and grew up in this amazing city. I went to St. Mary’s Catholic School, then to Bishop Kelly High School where I eventually transferred to Boise High School where I graduated in 2010. After high school, I attended Boise State University and graduated from BSU with a BFA & a Minor in Business Marketing.

I started working for Hyde Park Cycle Sports when I was 16 years old and from there I transferred my skills to Georges Cycle & Fitness. During this time, I had been racing in or helping organize, local races throughout Idaho. I've also raced in our neighboring states of WA, OR, MT, UT, and CA. Throughout my cycling career, I have raced various disciplines, including road biking, cyclocross, XC mountain biking, and Enduro MTB.

Before graduating from BSU, I gained a sales and marketing job with K-EDGE a small manufacturing company that CNC's bike parts for cyclists around the world. Kristin Armstrong’s (Boise’s 3-time Olympic gold medalist) was a partner and the namesake behind the company. While I was with K-EDGE, I purchased my first home, and from there is when the wheels started turning about entering the real estate industry as an agent. I greatly enjoyed the thrill of purchasing my first home when I was 25 years old and now want to help others experience that same sense of accomplishment. After twelve years in the cycling industry, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself with a new pursuit in real estate. I have grown up with my father in mortgage lending and my mother working part-time as an agent, so I knew real estate was in my blood.