Kimberly Hobbs, Broker  in Seattle, Windermere

Kimberly Hobbs




Windermere Real Estate Co.
1177 Fairview Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109


My husband Mark and I have been business partners and Brokers at Windermere Real Estate for a combined 46-years. As a top producing team, clients are represented with the highest level of integrity, communication, and professionalism. 

I am a Windermere Foundation Designee and have been a Broker at the Eastlake Windermere office since 2000. You will find my level of detail and resourcefulness to be strong aspects of my work ethic. It takes years of successful home sales for a Broker to competently gain a solid base and it takes many more to understand the logistics, strategies, and communication skills needed to consistently provide an optimal result. Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of information so our clients can make decisions which are well-rounded and right for their needs, while exceeding their expectations along the way. I love my profession and never forget that I am usually representing MY client's single largest investment. 

After 25-years as a Broker, Mark has retired, dating back to the beginning of 2021. Although he will not be a part of the day-to-day operations, his overarching knowledge and impact on our business will remain integral. Mark was the Assistant Manager of our Windermere office and started his Broker career in 1997. As a former Branch Manager and Commercial Real Estate Member, his experience and knowledge are quite comprehensive. Since 2012 Mark had been the Ethics Chairman of Windermere's Standards of Practice Committee and served since 1998. He and other members contributed to the ongoing success and development of the company along with setting ethical standards and procedures.


Passionate, dedicated and forward thinking regarding the green movement. As an original member of Windermere’s Green Task Force, I believe Green building is relevant to the larger environmental and social justice movement and is a moral imperative. I have participated in over 200-hours of green education including classes offered by MBA, West Coast Green Educational Conference, Residential 130 Built Green Professional Pilot class at North Seattle Community College along with EcoBroker and LEED classes.