Ken Short, Managing Broker in Kirkland, Windermere

Ken Short

Managing Broker



Windermere Real Estate Northeast Inc.
11411 NE 124th St Suite 110

Kirkland, WA 98034

Ken's Goals & Experience:

Ken Short's goal is for his clients to receive the highest possible service, and an education in real estate. Developing long-term business relationships is of the highest importance to Ken. Ken Short has been a Greater-Seattle/Bellevue resident for more than 50 years and a licensed Realtor for more than 40 years.  He has a vast collection of experience, including investment buying (for himself and others), and now serves a wide variety of clients in all facets of the real estate market.

Ken's Knowledge:

Ken Short has participated in all types of real estate transactions, in many diverse geographical locations, assisting buyers and sellers with a broad assortment of backgrounds. Continual education has given Ken the competitive edge it takes to serve buyers and sellers in many different arenas. He has completed numerous extensive training courses while being a Realtor, and is scheduled for more.

Ken's Communication:

All the knowledge and experience in the world will not make a difference if it is not communicated in a format that is understandable to a buyer and seller. Ken Short takes the time and has the ability to complete this task. He not only takes you step by step through the process, but also explains the advantages and/or disadvantages to each decision being made. By listening to your wants and needs, Ken will help you determine the best choices for you.

Ken's Support

With the help of his team of specialists, systems have been developed for both buyers and sellers in order for them to receive the best possible service. Sellers are contacted weekly with a progress report on any activity dealing with their transaction. Buyers are given an update the day any new properties are put on the market that meet their criteria. With these systems in place, Ken is able to preview and prospect daily, enabling your real estate experience to be profitable, efficient and timely.