Kayvon Mohammadian, Licensed Broker Assistant in Seattle, Windermere

Kayvon Mohammadian

Licensed Broker Assistant


Seattle-West Seattle

Windermere West Metro
4526 California Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98116

Seattle Agent Through and Through

Since becoming a Real Estate Agent in 2017, I have worked hard to put my knowledge as a lifelong Seattleite to good use by providing a local perspective backed by the expertise and professionalism that Windermere offers. It is with my personal knowledge of our region coupled with the skills to identify what approach is best suited for each client that I aim to make the home buying and selling process as clear and effective as possible. Working full time in the real estate industry through one of the most competitive housing markets in the nation has taught me that things move quickly, and one must be prepared for any number of curveballs that may be thrown at you when navigating this market. There is never a “one size fits all” method because each person has their own needs, and each home requires a custom approach. I have also had the privilege of learning from my mother, with her 20 years of knowledge, which has provided me with more experience than most agents can develop after a handful of years in Real Estate. We work together so that each of our clients has a dedicated team of experienced agents prepared to act at a moment’s notice whenever it may be necessary.

Guiding Buyers

The Metro Seattle Market has been in a “Seller’s Market” for over ten years meaning that the average home buyer must be proactive and diligent when searching for a home to buy. I know the difficulty firsthand after purchasing my first home in 2016 and watching as the process only became more and more competitive in the years that follow. It is with my experience, both as a person who has had to navigate this difficult market as well as one who has helped to guide others through it, that I tailor the home buying process to fit the needs and concerns of each person. One must consider that forming a competitive offer is more than just offering the most money, as each home is different, and each buyer has their own goals and tolerance for risk. I work hard to help buyers develop context for the market and prepare themselves early on so that they can jump on the right house and give themselves the best chance of winning out while not sacrificing the due diligence needed to be confident in the home they are purchasing. From picking the right lender, to working with the best inspectors, and knowing what is or is not necessary to offer to sellers, I offer buyers the peace of mind that comes with certainty in the offer the submit and the home they buy.

Guiding Sellers

No matter the state of the market, having a knowledgeable agent capable of helping to best prepare your home for potential buyers is an invaluable resource. Each home requires a listing plan tailored to the specifics of the property and the needs of the seller which is why I work alongside you to help show your home in the best light possible. I help you find the right contractors to address the home projects you never got around to and determine what work will give you a return when you sell and what will not. By front-loading much of the hard work needed to sell, we limit the things that may deter buyers so that, when you hit the market, you can sit back knowing you have done your part to show your home as best as possible. I also provide quality professional staging and photographs, with a proven track record of enticing buyers and maximizing your sales price.