Kate  Giovacchini,  in Holladay, Windermere

Kate Giovacchini



Windermere Real Estate - Utah
4535 S. 2300 E.

Holladay, UT 84117

I grew up in Salt Lake City and lived here until an athletic scholarship took me to the Bay Area for college. There, I became taken with the varied and booming real estate environment ranging from city life in San Francisco to the unique suburbs from the East Bay to Palo Alto. After college, I lived in Europe for 11 years and took the opportunity to travel extensively. I especially enjoyed the architecture in Barcelona, the history in Cario, the magic in the Tuscan Villas, and perhaps the fashion in Milan! During this time, my husband and I maintained family roots and personal properties in the Salt Lake City area.

Upon returning from Europe, we chose to settle here. Through all my travels and life experiences, I know well what Salt Lake City living really has to offer. Whether it be my past work experience as a medical researcher or retail manager, I find joy in helping people find what they truly want. Being a real estate professional allows me to bring together all this experience and passion to be an impactful partner for my clients.