Kate Douglas,  in Seattle, Windermere

Kate Douglas


Seattle-Capitol Hill

Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc.
1112 19th Avenue East

Seattle, WA 98112


A full-time real estate professional representing buyers, sellers, and builders with both resale and new construction negotiations.

 Recognition: Although I consistently receive awards and accolades for professional achievements, the referrals of my clients and colleagues are most important and meaningful to me.

Residence: Kirkland, WA

Former Lives:  High School English Teacher; Restaurant Owner; Business Manager

Born/Raised: East Coast

Book(s) on Nightstand: "Closing Time" by Joseph Heller

Favorite Movie(s): Up; A Christmas Carol (1951); It's a Wonderful Life, Monty Python…

Favorite Musical Artist(s): Bong Hits for Geezers; Frank Sinatra; Ella Fitzgerald; Sarah Vaughn; The Clash; Depeche Mode; Drop Kick Murphys

Wheels: Honda S2000

Person(s) You Would Most Like to Meet: Great Grandparents, Julia Child

If Your Life Were a Movie, What Would It Be Called?: "If I Ran the Circus" (Seuss)

Who Would Play You?: Katharine Hepburn or Jack Nicholson

First Job: Manager of Windsurfing Shop (other than Babysitting)

Superpower Wanted: Teleportation

Guilty Pleasures: Cheese, Wine, Chocolate (in no particular order of preference)

Early Bird or Night Owl?: I'm a better Early Bird

Won't Leave Home Without?: Wrist Watch, Cell Phone

Vacation Spots: Lake Ontario, NY; Key West, FL; Pacific Coast, Europe

Favorite Cartoon: “The Far Side” by Gary Larson, Savage Chicken

Best Stress Relief: Tennis

Crossword Puzzle or Sudoku?:  Crossword Puzzle