Karyn Farrar, Realtor in Richland, Windermere

Karyn Farrar


LIC. 24008482


Tri-Cities Richland

Windermere Group One/Tri-Cities, Inc.
490 Bradley Blvd.

Richland, WA 99352

My Story

Hello! I’m Karyn Farrar from Windermere Group One. Having been born and raised in the Tri-Cities, I have a deep appreciation for this community and believe it's a wonderful place to grow and thrive in all seasons of life. With over 20 years of collective experience in banking, commercial lending, title and escrow services, and real estate investing, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique skill set to the table.

My background equips me with the ability to approach situations from various perspectives, allowing me to navigate challenges strategically. Whether it's helping you find a new home for your family or securing the perfect location for your business, I am committed to understanding your specific needs and helping you put down roots in your next season of life. I am solutions-focused and adaptable, earning a reputation as a utility player who can change directions whenever necessary and speak intelligently to any situation.

In my career, I have always been known for my strong communication skills and responsiveness. I am dedicated to providing exceptional service in both residential and commercial real estate. To me, real estate is more than just property—it's about home, security, business and the future. It's a place where you build memories and create a lasting investment.

When I was working in Title & Escrow, I always admired Windermere Group One for their heart and expertise. Joining their team was a natural choice, as I already held them in high regard through my professional interactions and the testimonies of colleagues who have been with Windermere for many years.

Outside of my professional life, I find joy in watching my kids pursue their passions and enjoy playing pickleball. I love connecting with people from all walks of life and believe that these connections enrich both my personal and professional life. I am also bilingual in Spanish, which I frequently use in my profession. While it's a second language and I occasionally forget a word, I am always eager to help Spanish-speaking clients with their real estate needs.

Whether you're buying or selling, I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and explore how I can assist you in achieving your real estate goals. Let's work together to find the perfect home or business location and make your next move a successful and enjoyable experience.