Kamille Hottinger,  in Everett, Windermere

Kamille Hottinger

Equestrian Advisor


Everett South

Windermere Real Estate/M2, LLC
9502 19th Ave. SE Suite A

Everett, WA 98208

With over two decades of real estate expertise Kamille Hottinger is a trusted advisor to her clients. The depth and breadth of her knowledge and extensive expertise has positioned her well and is of great benefit for her clients. Over the years she has become a master listing agent and expert negotiator.

Kamille has taken her real estate practice as a full time Realtor and created success for her clients by mastering her craft and helping her clients to realize and fulfill their real estate goals. Having served as an exclusive listing agent, expert negotiator, marketing specialist, and manager for many of our local and well reputed area builders as well as having helped countless individual home owners, sellers, and home purchasers over the years, Kamille has established and set herself apart as an outstanding industry leader.

Partnering with Kamille and her decades of success allows each of her clients to realize their own success story in today’s highly competitive real estate climate. Choosing Kamille as your real estate professional gives you an industry leader and professional partner in your achievement of your real estate goals. Kamille is your strategic ally, a proven expert, and a tenacious and skilled negotiator as well as a highly regarded industry leader.