Julie Finstad, Broker in Seattle, Windermere

Julie Finstad




Windermere Real Estate Co.
1177 Fairview Ave N

Seattle, WA 98109

The pieces of the real estate puzzle

Buying and selling homes are like puzzles that require assembling pieces together before you can see the picture. The pieces of the real estate puzzle are the goals, analysis, resources, negotiation and attention to detail. If anyone of these pieces is missing, the picture will not be complete. We all like and want the full picture. My job is seeing that you achieve your picture: the purchase of a home or the sale of a home that is right for you.

What I bring to you

What I bring to you is integrity - never compromising my client's interest but rather serving them in 3 ways: listening to their needs, providing education and creating a plan to achieve their goals. I get clear on a client's expectations so that they trust I have heard them and then communicate clearly, the property value, advantages and challenges so they are informed. My work has 2 purposes: Find a home in the greater Seattle area that suits my client's lifestyle and financial goals and secondly, sell their homes for maximum value with the least amount of life interference. My 37 years of experience in sales and marketing have given me the skill set to help my clients be successful.

What you might want to know

I love the outdoors - when I am not working, I may be skiing in the winter, biking and kayaking in the summer or walking through neighborhoods anytime of the year. I spend a lot of time with friends because I believe life is not only more fun when you share it with others but also because I learn plenty from others. I believe that I have been given much in life and that it is incumbent on me to give back much and often, not the least of which is an encouraging word to those I meet everyday.